My head spins – the audacity of coming so close to the Gods!

By | 14 December 2009

My head spins – the audacity of coming so close to the Gods!
if that doesnt get our feet wet nothing will
take my sandals
wet feet, heads in clouds – beware the lightning!
The wax in our ears will melt, all the notes fall down.
The grime in our guts will be flushed. And we will rise, light,
only to have the hawkish words eat those guts – again!
O Prometheus, we know your plight.
Too many nights oozing with ouzo
how can we approach except with flames and offerings
chanting sungift. Someone falls fasting
gnawing gristle, talon gripped, bone in kris-beak
the stone wall cracking, peeling
And again that ouzo, promethean wax, a hand dedicating it to the fire, the too-close.
consumed we wait
an unhatched egg inside the Icarus pyre
eyes malevolently our oily sycophancy,
watching for the birth of wings and salamander immortality
sing tongue soar feet cry want only ask
fire up the band and swallow down the ash
the gods are the gods and will do as they will
not to mention who could tell if they don’t
let us cross over that pink and white pedestrian
the imago of golden helen released from her eggshell,
striped camellia crown, gown of pearled testicle,
smile of eleusinian knowing

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