I Got a Rock Nº 16

By | 1 July 1998

I got a rock
then I got another
and I got that other
from the corner of a cave

That other that I got
was of another colour
and another –
it was from another corner of the cave

There was another
from the corner of another cave
and another of the other colour
from another cave

Then I got another rock
from the other corner
but this corner –
it was not the corner of the other cave

And another from another corner
of another colour
of the same colour
as the corner of the other cave

There was another from a corner
of another corner colour
coloured as another corner of another cave

And another in the colour of another coloured corner
was another corner of another other corner cave

And another that I other colour of another other corner
corner of another other coloured corner cave

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