Joel Deane

Review Short: Joel Deane’s Year of the Wasp

As a literary work in and of itself, Year of the Wasp reads as a volume of rare, terrifying beauty; beguiling as it guides the reader through an ordinary series of events in an ordinary series of settings. Reading Joel Deane’s third volume of poetry with the biographical insight that the author recently suffered a stroke provides additional complexity, and a kind of lucidity.

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Adam Ford Reviews Joel Deane

Magisterium is the second collection by Joel Deane, following on from his debut collection Subterranean Radio Songs and his debut novel Another. In an interview with Paul Mitchell published in Cordite in 2006, when asked about the interplay between his work as speechwriter for the Premier of Victoria and his other life as a poet, Deane cited American poet Eleanor Wilner, who said of poets that, 'We need to take back the rhetorical high ground from the politicians who degrade it'. Deane went on express the hope that the poems contained in his next book might approach 'the kind of apocalyptic public language' hinted at by Wilner.

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(Transcript of the maiden speeches of John Howard, Tony Abbott and Peter Costello) Australia and Australians / there is no limit to what Australia can / refute / achieve / There is no limit to what Australia can / compromise …

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Paul Mitchell Interviews Joel Deane

Joel Deane has won two national awards for his poetry and fiction. His novel, Another, won the IP Picks award for best unpublished Australian fiction manuscript in 2004 and was published in the same year.

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King Kong

Joel Deane lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for six years and innumerable earthquakes. His first novel, 'Another', won the IP Picks Award for Best Fiction and will be published by Interactive Press this year. A collection of his poetry, 'Subterranean Radio Songs', was commended for the IP Picks Award for Best Poetry.

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