Ruth McIver

Ruth McIver writes poetry and fiction. She’s written and launched a true crime inspired novel-in-verse, The Sunset Club which has been adapted for the stage and was commended in the Anne Elder category by FAW (2014). Ruth is now undertaking a PhD in the area of true crime inspired crime fiction at Curtin University.

Review Short: Andy Jackson’s Music Our Bodies Can’t Hold

The Music Our Bodies Can’t Hold’s premise is unique: 54 poems for the 54 chromosomes in the human body. Each poem is distinctive in typography and voice, gleaned from a primary source interview of a public or private figure believed to have Marfan syndrome.

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Review Short: Joel Deane’s Year of the Wasp

As a literary work in and of itself, Year of the Wasp reads as a volume of rare, terrifying beauty; beguiling as it guides the reader through an ordinary series of events in an ordinary series of settings. Reading Joel Deane’s third volume of poetry with the biographical insight that the author recently suffered a stroke provides additional complexity, and a kind of lucidity.

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Review Short: Linda Weste’s Nothing Sacred

Linda Weste’s Nothing Sacred provides an eclectic, erotic and sometimes profane insight into the private and public lives of Republican Rome. The combination of historicity with sensory poetics provides an immersive, visceral reading experience. And there is immediacy about the submersion in place – the reader is there from the first line, walking through the ‘peat bog haze’ and ‘streamers of blood’ of the eternal city.

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The Club

[audio:|titles= The Club by Ruth McIver] (1:55)

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