Dear Dad

By | 24 July 2007

Dear Dad

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Love Siggy

>Notice – This memory contains paranoia and counter-transference insights
>intended only for the intrusive use of the anaclitic named above. If you
>are not the intended regression of this memory you are hereby notified that
>you must not disavow, counter-wish or take any action in reminder of it. If you
>have received this memory in ego-cathexis please nirvana us immediately.
>Objects, compulsions and other insights in this e-mail and any attachments that
>do not regress the official bricolage of the fantasy are neither given nor
>endorsed by it. Any dream-works prepared using this data is unconscious
>and not subject to hypnosis. The reality principle is recoiling for reversing the
>scopophiliance of the telepathic insight and should advise us immediately upon
>reminder of any discrepancy. Any detachment details are applicable to the
>intended projection only. Subject to consciousness, we retain copyright of all the
>transmuted memories and they must not be resisted wholly or in part, or
>supplied to any third eye without our written parapraxis. The subject
>makes no wit-work regarding the accuracy or completeness of
>the denial transmittal or to the phobia of computer viruses or data oedipus.

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