thoughts that wouldn’t choose to think of themselves again

By | 24 July 2007


that i didn't realise
that you didn't realise
did you realise this


and letting go of your hand
i realised
that you had no hand


i never realised
how difficult it would be
to register sleep as a colour


what you have to realise is
that when i said i was lying
i imagined avoiding the only vowel in truth


it won't take us long to realise
that where we are standing
is on one rib in a very big hole


there is resigned delight
when you finally realise
just how good at reverse parking death is


in all the years i've been coming here
no one has actually realised
that i've been coming here


it's about time we realised
that the poles of this earth
are stuck to either end of a giant paperclip


without realising it
you've been tricked into realising this all along
and i've only just realised what this is

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