By | 1 August 2010

• he is convinced his bullet points are new moons

• even today when people use the term ‘narrative arc’ Noah leans forward

• not belonging to anything in this world this world belongs to anything

• i cut myself and you bleed

• he can’t even walk into an empty room without saying sorry

• this sentence should not be used in any poem

• even the tallest poet will fall short of this line

• how could i walk into a room and not see i was there

• even if i knew what a corner was what would i do with it

• attention spanned as small as self

• it was philosophers vs art theorists in the eyeball & spoon race

• is this jug a pour example of itself

• he said clocks are just drink coasters for the gods

• hate inspires great architecture but makes lousy coffee

• if we understood language we’d leave it on the wall like a fire extinguisher

• in every play the commas get the best parts

• only a stone’s throw away the stone throws itself away

• on the table a pair of ears held together with a paperclip

• now that politics is just a farmer’s market for lies

• even ordinary words like the ones you’re reading now will end up as something

• discovering the axis of the world is a needle she threads her life through it

• standing at one end with a stopwatch she times my swim through the mirror

• inside your throat i make your breath produce its passport

• my bones exit and stack themselves neatly so i can collapse in peace

• this sentence should be used in every poem

• after staring at the sun all day we agreed we could no longer see each other

• i sleep with your mouth open

• if i tell you where we are we won’t be there anymore

• convinced his bullet points are new moons he makes lists to avoid narrative

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