the square root of a full stop is the square root of 64

By | 28 November 2006
1st answer

a man walks through the door
picks up a broom and sweeps all the heads into the corner
he is paid to clean the factory floor of memory
and as he appears to us he will vanish
as he transcribes doctrine from dripping oil under machinery
as he peels the skin from incorrect answers in an uncorrected state
he tells the lies what they want to hear
wipes his feet on the freshly moistened lips of rumour

2nd answer

a man walks through the door
drops down on all fours to sniff out traces of his ancestors
he can detect the whole range from conception to presence to death
although he finds evidence of guilt the most interesting
because with guilt the thoughts are left behind with the action
and the dried sweat derived from guilt has a different taste
the taste of a stillness from nerves crying through the skin
the apparent need the apparent desire to deceive or confess

3rd answer

a man walks through the door
carrying all ten fingers on a white plate
his smile will guess the weight of the body of his smile
in the defeat the victory slips inside the bone oven
salutes the treaty collected in the orange dust on a stamen
he offers all that he has touched
to all that he would touch if he could touch nothing else
peace in the mind of the heretic is the heretic in the mind

4th answer

a man walks through the door
is thanked for his attendance at the meeting
blessed with an ability to deface his supple existence
he states that he has never been more than a shadow
places a submission on the table for it to remain so
he is applauded for his honesty
in the fire on the fire before the fire
he places his hand of undrinkable water

5th answer

a man walks through the door
quickly finds that he has been partially submerged
in an ultraviolet liquid the texture of fruit pulp
this is how silence is embalmed
tired space rubbed inside the cheeks as geometric paste
his neutral erection aglow in its bath of warm static
he could've gone to sleep
if someone had shown him how to close his eyes

6th answer

a man walks through the door
is confronted by dozens of copulating mirrors
enmeshed on their cold bed of unregistered light
reflections sink the calibrations from visual songs
wasted across a market of strobe lit tongues
he has been sent to retrieve his own image
to reattach the echo to his first word
to reassess the accuracy of the right angles in this square sun

7th answer

a man walks through the door
he is immediately identified and killed
he had become too close to resembling his ideas
he knew that truth had the smell of a dead full stop
his body will be wrapped in lead up to its shoulders
his eyelids removed for use as postage stamps on citations
then he will be stood in the sand at the low water mark
signalling bodies to jump from the sea to the top of the cliff

8th answer

a man walks through the door
has finally discovered the room where all the zeros are kept
multiple portraits of the universe in small black circles
this is the language he understands
infinity that adds up to nothing
a zero is the perfect fit for the soul
the method to put one in by taking one out
to replace what is replaced with what is not replaceable

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