Kim Young-Moo and Perth

As somebody who was born elsewhere, I can identify with Kim Young-Moo’s Perth poetry. His awe for the Swan River corresponds with an awe that has bloomed through my own poetic tropes. It’s an awe I have seen flourish in the poetry of other West Australian poets, those who I admire or aspire toward. Perhaps it’s the innate love of rivers, a shared ancestral respect for these points where we build our cities.

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Visiting the Perth Writer’s Festival

Occurring each year as part of the Festival of Perth, the 2010 Writer's Festival was held on the Labour Day long weekend at the University of Western Australia's Crawley campus, right next to the Swan River. It comprises both local and interstate writers with special guests from overseas and includes poets, novelists and book designers along with local anthology creators, publishing houses and independent publications known affectionately as ‘zines'.

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