Scott-Patrick Mitchell

A Meme Enters The Group Chat

And is met with a laugh react. Is categorised: dank; cursed; fire; WTF. Is propagated onward and into the algorithm. Reshare. Repost. Here, take up space inside my camera roll. Become familiar with thumbprint and doomscroll. Shorthand for apocalypse, for …

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The Northern Suburbs

i. North of Warwick Road, The Underworld. We arDe caught in the flux: an Elysium dream. Our torment, Asphodel. The bitumen stretch of a buck, how pay-checks glimmer. MyGov is a dark god, a robo of debt. Inanna catches the …

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The Capital of KIN

We add a lower case s to the capital of KIN: give body to the body of dancing. Warehouse becomes cathedral. Us, a mass, a mess. The roof lifts to accommodate mirrored balls. Lasers, lights, confetti waterfall. We oft oft …

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1. You, again. Waiting for Paradise, Godot, the new iOS. Marker in the flow. Stream yourself into this. A poem enters, plump with gamespace. Because what is a line if not trajectory. You are moving toward something. If the poem …

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The Mourning Star

The victimization of children is nowhere forbidden; what is forbidden is to write about it. – Alice Miller i. The first star pierces with dead light. Is a dirge. Is you. Is known by how it tugs, draws into. Sight …

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from over the scarp, fire wind barks: hot is the lot given to us who live in Perth. UV so white it’s like invasion all over again. climate change an explanation that pollies deny, a vain blame game, but proof …

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the trend is warming split seasons into six from white noise & thought, ungrip. static hiss as heat waves out back from middle of the track. the degrees will rise & climb swooping is occasion : monochromatic arcs dive & …

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OBSOLETE Editorial

‘Obsolete’ can only be neutral or pejorative; it is never a compliment. Even those who value the old, the superseded object or mode, are reinstating it so as to deny that the object or mode is obsolete. I can still use it.

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but we still dig

God, we don’t like to complain – We know that the mine is no lark – But – there’s the pools from the rain: But – there’s the cold and the dark. from Caliban in the Coal Mines by Louis …

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Michael Farrell Reviews Fremantle Poets 1: New Poets

There is an apt awkwardness and uncertainty in all three poets – Emma Rooksby, Scott-Patrick Mitchell, J.P. Quinton – here: in the expression of sentiment (‘Preparations’, Rooksby), in the use of syntax (Mitchell) and archaisms like ‘verily’ (Quinton). All three are skilled poets, but they are new, and there is a sense that they are still trying things out. As editor Tracy Ryan writes, the three are ‘extremely diverse in tone and approach’ and this diversity is pronounced in a way that would be tempered were there more poets in the book. Ryan’s selected poets represent three modes, rather than merely variety itself. This is not a sampler, however, but three books in one, and perhaps not designed to be read sequentially.

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[from] love is a muscle (an e.p.

…; if you are work, be the work of play; if you are play, be the play of morphine on consciousness; if you are dancing, then, sure, dance, dance, but let the music be loud, the lights bright, the company …

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Kim Young-Moo and Perth

As somebody who was born elsewhere, I can identify with Kim Young-Moo’s Perth poetry. His awe for the Swan River corresponds with an awe that has bloomed through my own poetic tropes. It’s an awe I have seen flourish in the poetry of other West Australian poets, those who I admire or aspire toward. Perhaps it’s the innate love of rivers, a shared ancestral respect for these points where we build our cities.

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