Sophie Mayer

rising from aquifers

In the middle of the map they put Medea. As if to say of the site DO NOT ENTER. As if to admit how they had provoked her. HAZCHEM: a warning almost invocation. Lord of the poison, sacred their mission. …

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OBSOLETE Editorial

‘Obsolete’ can only be neutral or pejorative; it is never a compliment. Even those who value the old, the superseded object or mode, are reinstating it so as to deny that the object or mode is obsolete. I can still use it.

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The light lasts into everything Bare ruined wires where late et cetera: too *smirk* simple a substitution. Once upon, the grey machines we dreamed (o orange glow!) were happy & made us so, no. Really. Dis- mantled with a hammer …

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