Tracy Ryan

Tracy Ryan was born in Western Australia but has also lived for long periods in the USA, the UK & Ireland. Her most recent book of poems is Unearthed (Fremantle Press, 2013) and her most recent novel is Claustrophobia (Transit Lounge, 2014).

The House, Cracking

Enough to wake the deepest sleeper though still out there by day I’m more attentive lying down by dark the strain of stillness in between each strike a load to bear as if some bone inside were close to fracture …

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Etruscan Love Song

Give me your best archaic smile the one that others think to understand though truly mute and private since you know whatever we were or are or will be is not here This is a likeness reconstituted after shattering A …

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OBSOLETE Editorial

‘Obsolete’ can only be neutral or pejorative; it is never a compliment. Even those who value the old, the superseded object or mode, are reinstating it so as to deny that the object or mode is obsolete. I can still use it.

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Submission to Cordite 49: OBSOLETE Open!

Tracy Ryan in Western Australia Submission to this issue is now closed. Cordite 50: NO THEME IV with John Tranter is now open. Poetry for Cordite 49: OBSOLETE is guest-edited by Tracy Ryan What is obsolete? Are you obsolete … …

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Companion Poems     from the French

apricot asparagus baba bald man in a polo neck basket bamboo boutique bar bean blind man on wheels bonhomme brackmard brush snake cat cigar with a moustache crackette crossbow custard puff pastry daisy dart earthworm fig firebrand grinder/gripper hot water …

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Mother Tongues

Most of the time we lived in mine or appeared to you had been here as long as I had, arrived in my birth-year, but had to wear it in second skin (your sixth, if we count unspoken Classics) though …

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‘Mine, O thou lord of life, send my roots rain’ – GM Hopkins 1 You drive as the rain drives now steady now squalling a car full of storm and vespers One voice in the mass seeks you out and …

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