Alison Croggon

Alison Croggon writes in many genres, including poetry, criticism, theatre and prose. She is Melbourne theatre critic for the national daily newspaper, The Australian, and keeps a blog of theatre criticism, Theatre Notes. In 2009, she was named Geraldine Pascall Critic of the Year. Her poetry has been published widely in anthologies and magazines in Australia and overseas. Her most recent poetry publication is Theatre (Salt Publishing 2008). Her first book of poems, This is the Stone, won the 1991 Anne Elder and Dame Mary Gilmore Prizes.

rising from aquifers

In the middle of the map they put Medea. As if to say of the site DO NOT ENTER. As if to admit how they had provoked her. HAZCHEM: a warning almost invocation. Lord of the poison, sacred their mission. …

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Where are the dark woods?

they were always there from the beginning infant eyes open and blink on them the world as it always was unredeemed by history abashing childsight in a whitening room and other quotidian amputations flaring distantly now a starry abstraction inflamed …

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On Creative Commons II

The notion that poetry is primarily self-expression has often seemed to me a seductive (but conveniently commodifiable) mistake. We all like to think that we are makers of language, but anyone poking around in the engine of poetry uneasily realises that it is just as likely to be the other way around, that just as DNA shapes our morphology, language is the shaper of our consciousness.

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Sor Juana

Freely constructed from a letter by Sor Juana de la Cruz the letters of the good mothers are drenched in secular eloquence if all the limbs of my body were tongues I could not publish such excellence they do not …



there are breakages certainly although bone can withstand more pressure than reinforced concrete the psyche has its own architectures which pay little heed to gravity an entire city can be populated on foundations little bigger than an ant I have …


Kate Middleton Interviews Alison Croggon

Alison Croggon was the 2000 Australia Council writer in residence at Cambridge University. Her work takes on a variety of forms including poetry, prose and texts for theatre.

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