A Meme Enters The Group Chat

By | 1 September 2023
And is met with a laugh react. Is categorised: dank; cursed; fire; WTF. Is propagated onward and into the algorithm. Reshare. Repost. Here, take up space inside my camera roll. Become familiar with thumbprint and doomscroll. Shorthand for apocalypse, for mood, for counterargument. An augment. Digital real estate and a drag king named Costa Livin’-Crisis. Split screen. Add gamespace to appease ADHD. Book’s end. Shows are cancelled. But virality is a feedback loop, consuming cells. Hearts, pressed. How conclusion is not a word we use for billions of voices in communion. A job is not a home. A dating life is not a living. But they can be, with the right lighting. String code and fairy lights. The memes become a complexity of being. If they are an onion, which is the secret lair. All things interactive, interact. Burn CDs by putting them in the fire. Dial up by increasing the thermostat. Surf by laying perfectly still except for that which is prehensile. If x = eating a clock and coming back for seconds, then z = laughing at a cricket called Harold. Do not mention The Minions, how this microbial legion boomer and boom. Ok computer: duct tape fruit to a wall, to your mouth. Delusion is a French vanilla fantasy. Sparkling anxiety from a region of we, yes. Drink water and stay hydrated as you suffer. If you’re cold then they are cold too: the meme gestures to a collection of horrors dreamt up by Hieronymus. Eldritch my WAP. The kitten tells us that all income is disposable if you’re fun and irresponsible. A Rick Roll on an ogre’s scroll, written upside down. Spelt poorly. How the experts warn us about screen time before bed. They just want the fast Wi-Fi all for themselves. Moth has entered the chat. Man in flannel, looking back, permeates within the distract. Leo’s smug grin, answering the rhetorical. We are born in the wrong generation, working 40 hours a week instead of hoarding gems and eating raw fish. Self-adhesive chest wig. There are two wolves inside of you and the deer population is causing your ecosystem to collapse. Yes, Virginia. When life gives you lemonades, lmn. You’re a little late: I’m already worm. Spirit Halloween costume packs where you fill in the blanks. Or the blank is your unfinished manuscript. The terror. Yes, Nancy does practice The Kraft. Macaroni. Macaroon. Meccano. With the chicken strips. UNHhhh. Spend less on brunch and more on time travel. That way you too could buy a house. In 1969. Llamas in the fog. Modern rice. Ask yourself: how can I make the final season of civilization all about me? Frog, but not that frog. Sometimes, all you need are rich parents. Stop trying to make _____ happen. And the bytes contract, expand. We cannot point to a location on the map and say that is where it will end. Instead, posting irony until post-irony becomes self-aware. And as the world burns, a dog stands up on its hind legs, walks toward the camera and says Look at me, I’m a human. I pay taxes. I have depression.

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