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By | 1 December 2011

…; if you are work, be the work of play; if you are play, be the play of morphine on consciousness; if you are dancing, then, sure, dance, dance, but let the music be loud, the lights bright, the company distracting.
Bernard Cohen & McKenzie Wark, Game #2, Speed Factory

i. peripheral resistance

small arterioles offer too speedy
flow, are the lumen n-n-narrow

? raise the pressure. on hand the
other stimulates vaso-dialator. men

enlarge themselves, bloodening
. substitute low end harm with

no arms

. there is something coming
, red raw & th-th-thundering

. hear it break the edging

v. nervous control of the heart

your heart is nervous above all
else. wet palms arouse a wet cen


. nougat medulla melts
. card is content because

health cares, makes
concessions. blood


panting. nerves rate the
contraction & you gladly

puuuuuusssssssssh hard

. place called the vagus
made electric by our

presence. alone & afraid
, eccentric is a dirty verb

: together we turn it into
music & work it, wreck

recording studio, lay railway
, extenderly play, break beats


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