but we still dig

By | 1 February 2015

God, we don’t like to complain –
We know that the mine is no lark –
But – there’s the pools from the rain:
But – there’s the cold and the dark.

from Caliban in the Coal Mines by Louis Untermeyer

prospero, you are no hero
: with your books, your are
just a shakespearean weirdo

your tomes
& moon
leaving only the distance
equations make, filling
up the gloom

with nothing to unlock but
this brutal rock
we mine find
& frack it all up

there are no complaints
, only poems that never
open up or give homer
to epic a canon’s restraint

prospero, you are zero
, the infinite absence of
nothing becoming no
thing at all: how you speak
, hollow

for the fire
you gave us

for the song
you gave us

for the fear
we have only

! hark, we are caliban
: in advent plan, chart
star positions above
us, above all of this

! we are only human
& even the daughters
you shipwrecked you
can’t protect from eden

breath us complete from mud beneath
your feet: we will lilith the length of
this abyss, hiss all vinegar & piss like
this hatespeak wish oppressed sheep
calling out from be
-neath a bridges &
updates we like, like
, cher, or retrait

? hast thou not dropped from heaven
, as all quantum leviathans should when
their importance weighs less than myth
, or superstition, a behemoth we cannot
believe in: that is what you look like in
the absence of all your books

all the infections that the sun sucks up
welt across your churches as a mono
-poly that hurt history, a feast of biblical
beasts to pew as you undo the sacred
& holy too us usurpers
care not for the iscariot because forty
pieces of silver won’t deliver messiahs
to a proverbial bonfire: we’re having a
book-burning down here, shakespeare

your miranda rights died when your
daughter did: spell resurrection again

from the coal-mines we canary time
, yellow & laughing: we’ve spoken

babel, enable a cloud
table so beneath pros
-pero’s soles we’ll
dine on all the lines
we’ve been told: in
an attempt to keep
us confused, he’ll
write menus in di
-alects so old we
have to exhume
historians who
croon ancient
tunes, even
though we
-‘ve no wo
-rds 4 w
-hat we
2 order

from beneath the ground we have
found fuselage that fossils fuel
, debating which came first: pros
-pero thirst to animate the inanimate
or a propulsion explosion of all life
out to live: from beneath crust
, emerge to dust (we still don’t know
which is worse…

but still we dig
, knowing the
dirt has answer
(to give, witch
…, or perhaps
– secretly – we
hope the core
can be broke
, & back in
-to the cos
-mos we

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