Scott-Patrick Mitchell

Scott-Patrick Mitchell appears in Out Of The Box: Contemporary Australian Gay & Lesbian Poets, Turnrow Anthology of Contemporary Australian Poetry, Contemporary Australian Poetry and The Fremantle Press Anthology of Western Australian Poetry. In 2017, his debut collection, Vade Mecum, will be released by Hawkline Press.


from over the scarp, fire wind barks: hot is the lot given to us who live in Perth. UV so white it’s like invasion all over again. climate change an explanation that pollies deny, a vain blame game, but proof …

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the trend is warming split seasons into six from white noise & thought, ungrip. static hiss as heat waves out back from middle of the track. the degrees will rise & climb swooping is occasion : monochromatic arcs dive & …

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but we still dig

God, we don’t like to complain – We know that the mine is no lark – But – there’s the pools from the rain: But – there’s the cold and the dark. from Caliban in the Coal Mines by Louis …

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[from] love is a muscle (an e.p.

…; if you are work, be the work of play; if you are play, be the play of morphine on consciousness; if you are dancing, then, sure, dance, dance, but let the music be loud, the lights bright, the company …

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Kim Young-Moo and Perth

As somebody who was born elsewhere, I can identify with Kim Young-Moo’s Perth poetry. His awe for the Swan River corresponds with an awe that has bloomed through my own poetic tropes. It’s an awe I have seen flourish in the poetry of other West Australian poets, those who I admire or aspire toward. Perhaps it’s the innate love of rivers, a shared ancestral respect for these points where we build our cities.

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