fellas, it was so gay

By | 1 September 2023

ngl God, when you said you’d answer my prayer,
I was picturing a cruise full of “straight” guys with heavenly jawlines and nine inches of uncut glory
sucking each other off, rising again,
then turning toward me in hunger

that’s what I meant by “please Lord make all the men gay”

but I get it, You work in
metaphysics, not materials science
and you’re the one who invented the Divine Masculine in the first place
then said “oh shit” and considered a second draft

I really appreciate Your openness to feedback, and Lord,
I love how you‘ve taken my idea and run with it
replacing every man’s essence with one whose masculinity is
kinda wonky, trashcore, so obviously gay
it doesn’t depend in any obvious way on who he fucks

yass Lord, give me gay men
who flaunt the beauty of their bodies like a beaded garment
who sing and dance and paint and crochet about their feelings
who kiss each other on every part of their being
and don’t even have to fuck men to prove themselves (necessarily)

give me gay men who cleave close with their husbands
and gay men who love their wives, not as the wolf loves the sheep, nor as the shepherd loves the sheep,
but as the sheep loves his fellow sheep
let all men cry for their lovers
let them cuddle their cats and their dogs and their daughters and their sons
without the slightest fear that it will make them gay
for they know in their hearts that they always have been
hallelujah amen

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