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20 Poets, a Free Anthology from Cordite Books

The geographic barriers that can, at times, hinder Australian literature are no longer relevant, and poetry communities around the world must be enlightened by the commanding, demanding and exciting trajectory of contemporary Australian poetics.

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Introduction to Derek Motion’s The Only White Landscape

The Only White Landscape is melancholic, in this Wilsonian sense. The poems are scenes of ambivalence and loss, moving between states of recollection and projection, regret and desire, clarity and obscurity. There are preoccupations that link the poems across the collection: bodies (and the clothes they wear, the language of their presence and absence), light (and its close relationship to time), administration (and the twin labours of work and home).

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the intro credits font crumbles to a song it’s a galaxy of concern, one wherein you lack air. the scenery comes frosted. tell me your times, specific bare feet on the floorboards: locate it, see i’ve got you for real …

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perfect teeth

filling glasses to an equal level, quantifying sex, it’s harbour-life. when we walk we progress. overcorrecting my hair for the wind & you say ‘this flower smells good to me’. my Melbourne-centric smile my pronouncements more purposeful, fairness is the key …

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Cordite 44: Gondwanaland looks to a place in our pre-history, a time of supercontinents. How do poets connect with or make use of such an idea?

This theme was thrust upon me. But I didn’t mind then and I don’t mind now, because it’s one of those themes wherein the specificity of the notion seems to force poets into imaginative leaps. Besides, I wanted this gig (years ago, I mentioned to David Prater, former Managing Editor, that I wanted to be considered for a guest editing spot). I love that every issue is exciting and diverse, that every guest editor introduces me to a new poet. Now I’ve done it.

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Submission to Cordite 44: GONDWANALAND open!

Poetry for Cordite 44: GONDWANALAND will be guest-edited by Derek Motion with featured artists Maxine Beneba Clarke and Favianna Rodriguez. What does Gondwanaland mean to Motion? There is no intended prescriptive statement or gestalt. The name suggests a shared history …

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Keri Glastonbury on Derek Motion

The title of Derek Motion’s recent poetry collection lollyology alludes to a theory of lollypops. If, as Urban Dictionary suggests, a ‘lollyologist’ (lollypop maker) is also street shorthand for the ‘most pointless job position in the world’, then Motion is willing to elevate this ‘pointlessness’ to a field of study, or perhaps an art. I’m not sure if this is intended as a comment on poetry and poetics, though with its lurid purple cover image of a toy truck the tone and aesthetics of lollyology appear punkish and juvenile, in a Bow Wow Wow ‘I want candy’ kind of way (although Motion’s ‘indie’ points of reference are more likely The Lemonheads, Dinosaur Junior and ‘another canberra bar / josh pyke’).

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José Tidon Rhianne Grieve tharookiebeats Daniel Young Omar Chmaisse Kimberley Seeto Dimitra Harvey Initially NO Omar J. S Jess Murray Abdullah Noman Nathan Smith alan clarke Aya Najmaldeen Miro Sandy Vinesh Eng Kiat Tan John Upton robertgray58 Jenny Campbell David …

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‘Hunger repletion musick fire’: Dransfield, Post-punk and the Countrylink Express

Many of you will be clued-in on the recent commentary re. Gray and Lehmann’s Australian Poetry Since 1788 anthology, published toward the end of last year. One of the criticisms of the book has been the choice of poets included, …

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punch & paw out a slippery motif post tourist hotel shots smack it down all fourths-&-fifthsy while the event gloss still burns white chase the midi sync & loop up in a drizzled morning snap to the rotodrum drone & …

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inadequate stovetop

i lap up macadamia fuzz in a middle aged stroll of the ‘nature’. espying a roof rack means change the world instead, or try on sunglasses ingested by a seven-eleven, or read emily bitto’s poem & feign a partner’s formal …

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TINA Reflections

derekmotionLiterary festivals happen again and again in Australia but you'll probably miss most of them. Even if you do reside in a major coastal city, then still, you'll miss things. I know. I used to not care so much, but now I read blogs and keep tabs on the activities of a lot of Australian writers; so I am privy to all the festival happenings, all the goss, and I am naturally left feeling left out. Why can't I go to these cool things if so many other people can?

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make use of the

and back slid her must with many men i hole or save to drop your easy tall cord into soil shift day due tell cars time mugs mean last as next hair wood were read clay rags fire to sell …

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design brief.pdf

the hard drive a still hum, a natural pilot light to goad essentialism, wind bringing things out into the rampant today of an open room. 'mojo' skulks away misunderstood. a curtly folded media-release flutter is your orchestra rustle. i'm lacking …

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fate of the species

poets x, y, & z at different times. we talk of stray things – x mentions Hawkesbury Country more than once, as if you can't walk through it, not without feeling an owner's 'presence'. y & i imagine who would …

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Michael Dransfield’s Innocent Eyes

When you think of ways to interrogate innocence, you will sooner or later come to a moral dichotomy. It can be unpackaged as either good or bad. It can oppose guilt, and by implication your innocence allows that you have …

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life in the miniature steam-train village

some of us do stay here      i have a room under the miniature tunnel the door is a drain-cover a secret i open only when the tourists have gone some of the overalled men have wives & they are civil in …

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brianna pushed steve no-one could've expected that the taxi-rank still flourishing sometime near the early hours removed him from place like superfluous words edited falling into victoria park he yells an effort lost to engines & road & sirens once …

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drinking seven beers standing up but then it's yesterday's kid's party (light plays over a cake it's an eight it's shaped like a race-track (the standing the thing to remember & also there are people looking like characters from macbeth …

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Derek Motion: barcode 9 311532 071002

i solved it late one afternoon.          all the numbers shifted from stereogram revealing coded expression:           rightwing political discontent. damn freedom of information collectors      like daleks emerged with faux-stealth gutting any life from this phenomena.                  surprise.        all the best (really seditious) numbers then went on tour     rocking …

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Baz Malley: where is silicon valley?

BAZ MALLEY is emerging from the concrete of his illicit, sub-urban inscription

& is no longer dust, but cypher & electron. He acknowledges the scope of language & is in all this a singularity. Baz was here.

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