Derek Motion: barcode 9 311532 071002

28 November 2006

i solved it late one afternoon.          all the numbers shifted from stereogram
revealing coded expression:           rightwing political discontent.

damn freedom of information collectors      like daleks emerged with faux-stealth
gutting any life from this phenomena.                  surprise.        all the best
(really seditious) numbers then went on tour     rocking coastal venues     rsls
sham mcdonalds      & charity bins.            in the audience wined & dined
town-cryer hopefuls were in mclust          proclaiming ?´the end'
& ?´more mistakes bound to follow'.                the moral descent not unlike

          a town
                  working through a spate of coins
                                                         glued to the concrete.

rockhard disenchantment everywhere on the streets            kids
shooting crack & ice                lollying es as a gimmick
looking for love in corporate logos or buildings of glass
a score a hard soft centred body            a gourmet chocolatier?        heavens
all the collection of streets needed was            unilateral accord

only the messages                 they continue.

harder to interpret correctly       & no news about the land in them now
but you can feel the knowledge linger                    perhaps it whispers
through the trees         (they haven't all been cut down yet
that                  popular & well-spoken alarum
is false                   a lie dormant in 071002 also
if you scan carefully the            original copy
through the church's               bullet-proof perspex).

but i'm no prophet.


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Derek Motion lives with his family in the Western Riverina region of NSW where he works as an Arts Development Officer. He has been writing poetry for many years, and quite a few of these pieces have been first published with Cordite. He was previously director of The Booranga Writers' Centre, and has edited fourW twice. His first collection, lollyology, was published in 2012.

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