Elena Knox: The Muckrakers

28 November 2006

meat secret
safe with me
pig slopped more
gravy and ends but
this pig
is prize
gets the
tender hearts, ripped from
bodies and legs in
farmyard fellow skinship

also fat and
brains for more
fat and more brains
this pig is
picked by its partners in
pain for sharing
organs and livers
toxins and horrors
what to snort
what to roll in
and finish later watching
one-eyed flesh-ripped
animals stumbling the lawn

kinglet in
every new sauce
they can think to pour
in its ears this pig never feels
hunger and cannot move
it lies watching
sport in a glut
of celebrities' recipes
lying on
shit finally
unable to move
it will either

burst or be killed
carrying secrets
carrying them nowhere
what thought it was
in the end was
only the meatsafe
useless eyes lardhidden heart
each mouthful
weighs me down
each scandal ranks
me lower to the sour


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