By | 1 December 2011

punch & paw out a slippery motif post
tourist hotel shots smack it down all
fourths-&-fifthsy while the event gloss
still burns white chase the midi sync
& loop up in a drizzled morning snap
to the rotodrum drone & channel it
make the pulsekickers pulse like trains
out your windowframe further outcast
yourself from the last of the generic
neighbours with several different
levels of treble & unease stew on
the ambiance & structure over coffee
generate a wash that mirrors the sun’s
struggle with cloud while the mood
lasts & filter a set of harmonics to
parallel dust over the mantle bang
bliss out on the click track swing
it until dance wouldn’t feel right
then effect a nightmare ocsillation
prove your point & howl:
bring about stray recognition dub
your plaintive tones high but enlist
your sister for more jaggzy lines
the hook and the breathing
don’t hesitate face the sun
cresting the hedge now call
adele / jones / olaf write collage
into all cities the collaborative
dew collects a triple threat of
rave stagnation bleeding into
the annals listen softly

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