Baz Malley: where is silicon valley?

26 November 2005

well there's one thing to be said
post-punctuation & spelling blues
careering at a million miles an hour
forgetting where you are:
my flaws / your flaws
& the world vast – just
systems crumbling
in the wake of a new Toyota.
amplitude sine wave cos e like
remote positioned,
& borderline disorder nervous –
but these specious seconds / precious moments
possibly force a smile.

you contact New York, stay composed
& angry as if the wireless architecture is deadly
& that's your 'no-compromise' future:
signal decay. time uncovers all news,
this time
moderately critical Japanese business traffic
means nothing / in your SUV it could be years
& you're dispassionate,
like a convenient interface –
caring only of the insured reader response.
driving into this vacuum of folklore
you seem to lack intent,
banking on heat @ the destination.

in your next life as an XP exponent
    a friend
(his house commanding a view of the reef)
will privately declaim how you
screw us all over on a daily basis
& you will seem not to care.

BAZ MALLEY is emerging from the concrete of his illicit, sub-urban inscription & is no longer dust, but cypher & electron. He acknowledges the scope of language & is in all this a singularity. Baz was here.

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Derek Motion lives with his family in the Western Riverina region of NSW where he works as an Arts Development Officer. He has been writing poetry for many years, and quite a few of these pieces have been first published with Cordite. He was previously director of The Booranga Writers' Centre, and has edited fourW twice. His first collection, lollyology, was published in 2012.

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