Chris Mann

20 Poets, a Free Anthology from Cordite Books

The geographic barriers that can, at times, hinder Australian literature are no longer relevant, and poetry communities around the world must be enlightened by the commanding, demanding and exciting trajectory of contemporary Australian poetics.

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Introduction to Chris Mann’s Whistlin Is Did

Chris Mann read at Melbourne’s La Mama in the early 1970s, where he first impressed me as a bold exponent of a sort of critical, larrikin and compositional linguistics, and seemed very much at home in the theatre’s performance space, with its nascent egalitarian ethos. Some listeners I noticed may have been equally perplexed as intrigued by his well-timed delivery, his knowingly artful shtick and highly patterned patter.

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‘in the elevator, heading for the 23rd floor’

[After Hong-Kai Wang’s A Conceptual Biography of Chris Mann] ‘i mean am i Wrong to prefer your version of me?’ – Chris Mann ‘It begins with affections. It departs from one’s desire to construct a biography of an artist’s life …

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unAustralian English: Oscar Schwartz Visits Chris Mann in NYC

Image by George Quasha I. I went to visit Chris Mann in his apartment in Manhattan at the beginning of July 2012. Half of his apartment was covered with plants. There were trees, ferns and flowers hanging from every landing. …

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Syntactics (for three players)

positivism consequential the rise of prose capital is printing press capital(ism matter of ‘f’act credit context you remember that which is not yet structured appropriate experience object the problem is not the problem naming word for god which is never …

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boy, what god couldve done if only hed had money

[audio:|titles=boy, what god couldve done if only hed had money – Chriss Mann] boy, what god couldve done if only hed had money (1:long) | by Chris Mann from The Use blahblah, i mean like you are of course but …

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