Oscar Schwartz

Oscar Schwartz is a Darwin-based writer and poet. His most recent book is the The Honeymoon Stage.


When people say ‘difficult’ and ‘poetry’ in the same sentence they are usually referring to the experience of reading a certain type of poem.

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Submission to Cordite 87: DIFFICULT

Poetry for Cordite 87: DIFFICULT is guest-edited by Oscar Schwartz and Holly Isemonger. Says Holly: Poems can be spiky, sassy, cutting and frustrating – difficulty is built into how we perceive them. Probably as a result of schooling – a …

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I’d Like to Take a Minute of Your Time to Discuss Short Cuts

my main argument is as follows: the purpose of a short cut is that it is a shorter distance to the destination and it takes up less time to get there in this sense a short cut is objectively good …

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your new diet

i met you just after you started a new diet every day you would eat only that which was related to a food memory sometimes you would tell me the story behind your diet for the day for example there …

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unAustralian English: Oscar Schwartz Visits Chris Mann in NYC

I went to visit Chris Mann in his apartment in Manhattan at the beginning of July 2012. Half of his apartment was covered with plants. There were trees, ferns and flowers hanging from every landing. Mounted on the walls were wood-framed bookshelves, completely packed. The other half of the apartment had a wooden table, kitchen, grand piano, and beyond that, some rooms for sleeping.

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Th E Ma N Fr Om Sn Ow Ri Ver

Th E Ma N Fr Om Sn Ow Ri Ver | (16:53) [audio:|titles=Th E Ma N Fr Om Sn Ow Ri Ver – Michael Farrell and Oscar Schwartz] Michael Farrell and Oscar Schwartz

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Cross Country: An Interview with Del Ray Cross

I meet Del Ray Cross at a bar lounge in Downtown San Francisco, in the middle of afternoon rush hour. He orders us both a Blue Moon: an American beer served with a slice of orange. We sit at a table opposite the bar, and Cross tells me that he only started enjoying beer after a recent trip to Japan.

Earlier today, I visited City Lights bookstore. I get the sense that to be a poet in San Francisco is to be a poet in the centre of the world.

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