Del Ray Cross

Cross Country: An Interview with Del Ray Cross

I meet Del Ray Cross at a bar lounge in Downtown San Francisco, in the middle of afternoon rush hour. He orders us both a Blue Moon: an American beer served with a slice of orange. We sit at a table opposite the bar, and Cross tells me that he only started enjoying beer after a recent trip to Japan.

Earlier today, I visited City Lights bookstore. I get the sense that to be a poet in San Francisco is to be a poet in the centre of the world.

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     we're giving        distance           a chance                by staying                         together

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Dear Jim, WAR!! Pls keep postcards comin! Last one I got arrived w/o a stamp (goodie for my luck!) and that was a while back. Sunny and windy w/headache in SF w/ birds and peaceniks whom I passed this morning …

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white socks and dirty dishes I haven't mustered to clean honestly with my head like this I feel someplace like nowhere which is probably good but there's this pain in my neck too from resting said head against the shower …

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Here's my war poem: fuck the almighty war! I climb the steps up to Whaleship Plaza, walking while writing again. “No Smoking!” But look at this war and sunshine in the streets! And little plastic airplanes in the sky. Coit …

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