I’d Like to Take a Minute of Your Time to Discuss Short Cuts

By | 18 June 2017

my main argument is as follows:
the purpose of a short cut is that it is a shorter distance to the destination
and it takes up less time to get there
in this sense a short cut is objectively good
if anyone tells you otherwise
or that there are no short cuts in life
and that you have to always do things properly
don’t believe them
it’s just that this person has never found one for themselves
there are empty wine bottles in my short cut
a cigarette packet, palm fronds, speckled lizards
and people who ask me my name
at 1.15pm while i’m walking to lunch
when i’m finally at lunch
i imagine building a universal short cut
that everyone in the world could use once
when they need to get somewhere really fast
like a get out of jail free card
in this world i am imagining
i live in a bark hut at the mouth of the short cut
to let people in
and make sure they don’t use it more than once
in sum there is nothing careless or lazy about a short cut
i don’t understand why people are fighting this war against short cuts
when they should be fighting a war against time
which seems to be taking over everything these days
often ruining very simple things like lunch

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