Syntactics (for three players)

1 June 2013
the rise of prose		     capital is						
    printing press          	      capital(ism     matter of ‘f’act			     credit
    context								                                                                 you remember that which is not yet structured
				                               the problem is not the problem	              naming         word for god which is never spoken	                                 stayle
			                     but the recognition of the problem			                    all other words organized in direct harmonic structure
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About Chris Mann

Chris Mann is an Australian-American composer, poet and performer specializing in the emerging field of compositional linguistics, coined by Kenneth Gaburo and described by Mann as 'the mechanism whereby you understand what I'm thinking better than I do.' Mann founded the New Music Centre in 1972 and taught at the State College of Victoria in the mid-1970s. Mann moved to New York in the 1980s and was an associate of American composers John Cage and Kenneth Gaburo. He has performed text in collaboration with artists such as Thomas Buckner, David Dunn, Annea Lockwood, Larry Polansky and Robert Rauschenberg. Mann has recorded with the ensemble Machine For Making Sense with Amanda Stewart and others, Chris Mann and the Impediments, and Chris Mann and The Use. His piece 'The Plato Songs', a collaboration with Holland Hopson and R. Luke DuBois, features realtime spectral analysis and parsing of the voice into multiple channels based on phonemes. Mann currently teaches in the Media Studies Graduate program at The New School, New York.


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