boy, what god couldve done if only hed had money

By | 29 August 2012
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boy, what god couldve done if only hed had money (1:long) | by Chris Mann from The Use blahblah, i mean like you are of course but my Unconscious .. a pleasure unknown, Particularly to me, a definitive Surplus Value (which is not Quite the same as its interrogAtion (if only for the dimension its distinction), but pretty damn close. imean Fairs fair, Fuck is just the threedownfouracross for What, so unlike Form (that which suffers from its explanation), are you then my Redemption, a twobob Eachway medium .. (and how do you prove its better than Logic, by being Right? (and if Forgiveness is then a science, is Context so its perfect fiction .. oh, you mean Learning as the polite form of Forgetting ..
the beautiful thing about the world is of course that its impOssible. and coz truth is the model of redundancy, a sort of After science, or bigamy, where Yes is basically somesort Rite of Passage, a virtual Almost, we get proof of weknowwemustbegettingsomewherecozweknowwe’re Bored, an idEal (and sweet) Opportunity cost .. (those old epiphany blues ..
Dyslexic Empathy A (there being of course some subjects that just dont have a name (iknowcoziwasthere (a semantically deviant sentence both true and false))), a caricature of Maybe, a deja vu in Pants (dont they always wear pants?) or Pathological Association (though guilt has of course nothing to do with Fact (asif we needed homeland security to prove That, an epileptic credit of the BeingofaSubject, Or (imean what came first, the Waltz or Neurosis? (Asymmetric Warfare begets Inappropriate Intelligence begets .. (Hypnosis (imean when the pentagon regrets Inappropriate intelligence you know youve been obsessing with the colour too long) is a Process (museums being but the most obvious side effect of conceptual art) with a Faux sort of focus that sets up moreorless succEssfully what mostofus would Guess: to wit, the Rest. (that money is a means of surveillance is a surprise only to those who dont use Cash (the data in this part of the noun updates more slowly than the average refresh experience of pattern. Why, we dunno. just Coz. though imean what else they got to worry about but who got there first, a sort of executive bingo version of provenAnce .. or you just watching yourself Type?
and while Looking is def a form of pious mutilation, it does but mourn for what its lost with something of a hijacked inflAtion. fuckin philistine. (and like the protocols of some client intuition do they suck and bleat a nicely sponsored instrumental uSe (as detailed by the Teach or professionally amnEsiac. (is this what youd call a Symptom, a celebrity connivance in fraud, or is mere understanding deemed to be enough, a form Of (indeed generic) Camouflage? .. (and coz god can make a number so refined he cant reMember it, and coz this inability is not just some sort Noise, and coz the job is neither true nor false but rather sticky, its spOsed to give you an immUnity, but again how this exactly works we just dont really know. and coz explanation is a public space ..
and while Ignorance is now employed as somesort Social worker (the Academy being the plot of land judas bought when he traded Out (Consciousness, a form of therapy for those too, too Shy to work .. (on being a guest (of space, of idunno, of Notyet (as if the subject was just an agent of legitimation, a form of decadence (imean its clearly not a Friend .. speculation, Maybe .. so which is more dangerous, Learning or Teaching? for the Fact, i mean, for the Fact .. (and if Art is just an attempt at learning English, whats the logical response to Cards? like, Luck? (and coz its impossible to think Illogically ..
a Fact, a judicious mix of Universe and Particular (at least One of each), arranged as simply as possible within A Deductive Frame, will get you Two (one of which of course is Redtape (or dont you know who youre talking to? i mean All images are of the invisible. (imean theyre Images ..
(ok, so, a gerrymandered grammar of what it is we’re trying to explain: Memory is Prosthetic. and as a Fact survEilles its clients, does recAll or Reference or any other Actoffaith (its the Middle class are of course communicative) aesthEticise itself with Hints and other pinks like, like ..
and while a subject is a peculiar form of its generic Truth, it has to work Hard to earn our Pity (or any other vaudeville turn, come to That (Name being but just a button for a number .. so what could be meant by Definition, the fetish of equivalence, Price? but in an economy of something Other than scarcity, the problem is rather Whatdoyougivesomeonewhohaseverything apArt from change (that sumes that code is sufficiently Object-Ish to pass. as What, itSelf? like Yes in this proposition will function less as some semantic sugar and more like blackbox Hardware .. So? so those in the know are condemned to being right? like cant they just Rent? (dialectic being the german metric for Choice.
and if the present was less obviously a Pet, we could more easily contract out the test .. (of whether its an object yet .. (or dregs. i mean dont forget the Left .. (its where you let the stress fall tells you what it Is (or what it Said .. a subject then but just a Filter or some Semantic Transport (no mere meme machine, but rather partly what data bank you wouldve thought it Was ( .. this question has meaning so long as we’re ignorant of whether there is an experiment that could reasonably decIde (definition being only of course necessary in relation to a Theory (that is Aggregates or Packs of data subscribing to some law of Consequence (the Rather set of Nyets ( .. imean, do we Havta get a prize becoz we’re right? like at least a private or autographed Copy of the Law, or, or, even Coroner? (and as the market costs obviously More than the goods it services, and as Yes is merely a distributed form of No, an audit trail without numbers, a set of ad hoc functions that produce the object only when its Need ..
and coz reality is both flexible And invisible (and coz this defines Any system as both an ArtofMemory And its Pious Wish (that language is just an economy of means is afterall what makes it attractive both to invEstors and those who mere wanna get stuff Done (asif abstraction was its Closeup, the Object (the unresOlved (object, Duh)) as mere Context for the nexus that one gets when looking for a word for, for Name .. (so is there anything more .. or cometothinkofit Less (whatever) than a Question? (you mean it should be what, Generic then for Name? something like, if Question is a divine term, is It a divine term then for, for What?
imean do we really Need to look at it again? like we missed something the Real time round and somehow its got Better in our ignorance? like maybe the view is Nicer in the other dimension, more Reasonable? and what is it exactly we trust the winner to do, imean apart from win, reWard the diagnosis with a souvenir of some sort, one that Conjugates? (though while the banal is a perfectly honourable way of learning english, imean it wont save you from SignificAtion ..
Translation and other delinquencies of, of Faith (the WhatsitabOut Serial Syllable (as in, its not that its Modern, just that its badly plAyed (Pathos, economics for Profit .. and coz they (youknow, They, the neocons), coz they want to manufActure facts, they discourage those who just want them to Grow. and while its true that copyright is, is True .. (imean Face it, a Fact is a Queen, uninterested in anything wont get him reelected (and All facts as we know are Hymns .. imean ask anyone with an mp3 of what they havent heard: Compression allOws for the Listener (and in a way that freud Doesnt ( .. and coz we’s only two percent, we all hafta have fourtynine gubbas as friEnds, thats Each, and thats Way too much ( .. the sentimentality of betrayal, of price, of .. , of Therapy, a sort of sticky autism .. or superstitious awkwardness, a bully grudge, all coy and paradox, a Talking as a way of avoiding the Cops, a Jemmy (and thus a Pleasure (on what the words Were before they were Mine (on what you Sa-id: .. oh, so it was a respOnse, a dialectic of the Tongue (One,
a name is a technique for rhyming Times together (continuity being one of those classic side effects, a mouth yoga Whatsit (oh you mean a names a Blow job, both complacent And .. (though not Exactly equivalent to Undiscovered Public Knowledge (why not? looks like a perfect map of a You Economy to me .. imean, Social Capital by Mail, the Aesthetisization of Theft (imean while Arts trafficking is still marginally less than Arms or Drugs, its the Art-as-model-of-Indifference pic is where the Real money is .. There, and the invisible itch .. (on the science of wishful thinking, the uses of agreement (names having been declared Inhumane (like why rent a fact when you can bribe one? (imean all Its is Altruists (Art, with the christian name of Mister.
so, how to think about Stupidity such that context has the opportunity to chAnge: first, Buy a context (though if its urgent, a repetition will also do, the distinction between art and news being purely academic (the Kitsch List syndrome, Favours with a bias that protect All cept those ignorant of the law andOr their Lawsuit Futures cliches .. (asif Cognitive Dissonance oneohone was a pun on Wonder (the past, an automatic puppet Whos who thumb Jumper of a past, a .. (economics (some other algebra) had its first romance in the bogs of eire, and while the brits colonised the world from the diminishing horizon of the caf, and the yanks retreated to the corporate welfare of Defence, English was left spread over everything from Shit to Soul. the Net then is a chapter of music wedged somewhere between schoenberg and freud and christian rock, a themeless Talking Cure in four Four .. the Minimalism of theft, the Stress of the waltz, the Positivism, the Empiricism, the Indifference of the twist .. though without art it would have been Possibly more difficult .. (and on Capital as a Category Mistake (on the power of Positive Thinking (or did you really think duchamp pollock rauschenberg were into Creative Visualisation? (or, Being the change you want to See, the picture of relevance, the perfect Notyet: a Purpose is a Piano with a Doubt. i mean, its not a Doughnut .. i mean does english even Have a word for Hole?
so, whats a Spy, a something that reports its Use? and while surveillance is def Cheaper than the market (and not Only coz the market is a slave to Optimists (though its usually the Conspiracy-as-a-form-of-meditAtion, a sort of Hypochondria that employs the body as a means to talk about Something Else (fuckin profiteer .. like, like the art of Provenance, that picture Taken by the law, as if its punctuation was a Chorus or Refrain or Autopsy of the self. (and if You’ll but do the fAct for this abstraction .. (the listener as middle management Functionary. no longer a seasonal worker, but more the Epileptic Executive, with Tics ..
Logic is, obviously, Aesthetic. so Obvious indeed that many think of it as Pathos. and this is what you call Trite, the notion of Idea? (i mean when missus gephups copyrights Idea, she has before her a postcard of what she Means (and, bizarrely, Youre not It (i mean the generic for Word is a specific Aspiration .. (imean whats transparent about the word Look? that its Theoretical and is As such an attempt to run the Perfect Crime? (imean ornette, osama and doctor seuss are all proof of birthdays and while Dark Matter does indeed describe ninetyfourpercent of the universe, its only when you define it Debtor Confetti that the bureaucrats pay attEntion. (Behavior, then, is a Super Saturated fact, Stuff, its rather obvious Pollution. imean if It is just in some rather awkward superposition to Fact, we’ve got a Runner ..
so think of this as the Anti song. there being no obvious or Insured Shape. more like Space. and while conspiracies are run by Whisperers (who therefore of course miSunderstand theirselves .. (asif thInking just a coping mechanism for thOughts (usury owning the idea of Interest .. (i mean i’m not Lending you an idea of what it mIghtve been, a sortof Surrogate or Beta existence .. though of course not All facts is Catatonic (Some imean can at least concEive of trAnsf’rence (you know, how the Child depends on the the adults Lack (of focus, of purpose, of other words that end with es .. like, like Pics is just fixed Light Traps (with of course a List (though not always on a string (and that not always Latent (i mean you gotta Practice ignorance .. and anyway, theres the anxiety of the Fact to contend with, condemned as it is to Endless reproduction punctuated by only the occAsional fuck ..
This then is what we might think of as a Self. which is of course a mechanism for Not Thinking (Being Right is that form of ‘vOidance therapy that only has a Name (and like all names exhibits Envy Early, a catalyst of Same (which at least attEmpts to make the complex ‘cEssible: the BigBang as my, my Pet (imean its clearly where something Was .. a holding of a paradox without it needing to resOlve, a sort of Pain without Suffering .. or, Threat .. like i mean Language is so so Beautiful, imean some my best friends are kitsch ..
(One, the Ordinary BeautifulBaby (requires a postpartum depression in order to say Boo (though whether Boo is yet a Subject .. Two (to say nothing of About .. (Ode to the vanity of Bout (Teaching as, as Therapy (cept of course for that whats Taught: .. i mean if it hears you Listening, does it Cringe? and how anyway do facts think of Therapy? as More or Less conscious? i mean do they Hear, or rather Overhear? (and coz Surveillance is the Best Suburban Science (and coz And is forever kibbitzing on But (and coz But was recently Rationalised (i mean it gets confused with serial transformations and splits and dislocations, Resolutions .. (which doesnt Yet mean that its a sadist ..
actually, i’ve been wondering whether grammar is Always this depressed, or is it just to do with being an expEriment, being Lost for words? like, are the dead on piece work or on Holiday? i mean theyve lost their Suspended Disbelief, and Still .. so is this where fiction presses the advantage (coz it can spell GiveUp? (Ulterior. with a U. i mean whats Luck, an experiment in Learning?
and the psychopathOlogy of listening, or is listening just talking with your mouth full, a sort of stringtheory Miming of (i mean the Price is not copyright and as generics only exist in the domAin of price (i mean take the branding out of taste ain nothing There)), a miming Of, of where the Stress falls (though stress is not invAriably dyslExic .. i mean Speech as we know is just a way of catching up on what you Mightve said (and as Maybe just the other word aesthEtic ..
(though Transfrence they say is not Contagion. i mean there are Two words. so which is Wrong? its always the First. you Know, coz One is not a Number. only has potEntial to be one. and its This (as opposed to your hIstory, clIckstream, whatever .. i mean the metaphor is neither Shadow then nor Twin ( .. a metaphOr for for is at the dOor or or, dont let him In in in, just becOz .. so whats Butter fr Shudder?
kind of Creamy is the gaze .. and as the object but a tattoo upon the Air (though the air is not (anyway, Obviously) Naive), and as Look and Field both rhyme with clOse .. or cloSe, or clOthes .. a modest prose is all you see ..
(and on the heresy of Yes, the institUte (like what sort of dialectics comes with a lisp? and other mindless (Test Test) .. i mean i prefer your narcissism of Me ..
and coz an stuff bEnds light, is a Lens, and coz superpositions is exclusive to the View, the evEnt .. (you mean coz it Is does It explAin?) and coz logic is a Group, its therapeUtic .. like the psychoanalysis of logic will get you through to pAyday (or some other psychotic narrative) .. like its like the same as Hearing Voices? i mean whats more schizphrenic than a Pause? (a sort of sick Cure (for .. (the future being but the most convenient defense against the present, its own Failure (whIch (semi furtively) submIts, a sort of occult Ego (that always in excess of its object (that passive regressive .. episOde .. and being the worlds first Ideal Object, Agreement (or indeed Negation .. and as knowledge a more or less banal benign (all those B words) attempt at self deception, and as knowledge a more or less Blunt form of confrontation (or Autistic Grace), an almost covert experiment in Being Wrong, (like ask Any name, its not Easy being dead .. i mean, the psychology of Pain, of being Right .. is something of a Sport .. so, does knowledge invariably think of itself as Patient? or even Prose (i mean its addicted to itself, and its this Dependency means the subjects unreliable, and coz the subject is Jealous of the object (i mean gossip always gets back ..
so, on how to instrumentalise Doubt (doubt is to debt as not is to Yet (its a matter of Course that its only in Fiction that language is considered a fiction. and as Fiction is either right or wrong or paranoid or schiz, a passion play on the heroics of Price, the TakeustoVegas model of I’d (i mean Being Wrong is Language Beyond Use, and while knowledge is a Charming form of cowardice, it remains of course without either Consequence or Risk, a classic Decadence. and so, by Literalising the silence of the form, she gets its Own .. (in other words, a Same, and coz the past is unrepEatable (that being what we Know) its easily dispOsed .. (the Tech, that is, the local violence of identity, the slumlord claim that has abstrAction as Not Natural (coz as the subjects prOgress so do the objects rEgress (as if the Name but the Sublime part of the event ..
i mean is there anything more bougeois than the demand that reason map onto reality, youknow the artistslaShentepreneur (the stress is on the Shh, the liquid fart that parses as a shit of paper (though while the past has great potEntial (as a Currency, or Bank (Data, generic for Ta (as if subjects could be other than their exploitation .. (i mean the first thing we know about the system is that it Dont Blink. its administered. this is of course Positivist (though Being Wrong is not Necessarily a fiction. i mean it Speculates (much like any Other decisionist ( .. as a portrait of indifference .. Diagnostics and the pEtty despAir .. (romancing the Known, and other Standard nonos: So? i mean self criticism is not exactly a tax return ..
you mean an It just a way of Thinking Out Loud? (as if the capacity for language was entirely Forged .. (on only understanding Syllables (Language being too depressing a thought (Other Disorders of Thought include, the Subject (even though or in spIte Of the fact that the subject may well map on to Satisfaction (andor the evacuation of Bad objects (knowledge being psychotic for Learning (Object, the liason of Conscious to Unconscious (Google, the Library of Intent (though their Termsofservice require you be atleast contractaBle), as if memory was a question of Discretion, a limp lame pink Listlessness (, a sort of madam to the busybody knowitall on crack. and back.
dear sir, id like to propose adolescence as a work of art. i mean its pure Subject-as-other-than-its-mere-existence. in other words, it can only exprEss, or Be, what its Not. which is not the complEte version of its commercial potential, but .. and as logic is a more or less Selfless patient (no Doityourself axioms Here (a bad faith bad taste Lateness of Event (as if All events were exclusively internally unnameable and therefore Failed to exist (like Two could Think itself a Matheme .. ), and as the market the idEal mechanism (for the calculation of effEct (and as economy Articulates objects, and coz money (unlike sense) is the Record of its use (i mean its the anonYmity of logic which is of course most wearing (like i mean Being Right (or what heidegger abbreviates as Being (i mean he had trouble with the right)) is a pretty Vindictive form of therapy. essentially a Stalker (though this anonymous assumption is also obviously its Gift (to (or Of) its Given .. (its the Process of being Something Else thats Sticky (i mean virtual photons got Rent issues Too ( .. though no reports of Change blindness (in Milk or any Other adverbs) have been ficially received ..
so, yes, the phoenecians invented money, and yes its a shame they didnt invent more of it, but theys now Dead so theys in the Museum (which like money in latin is just a declension of Music, a data tax for Mnemonics (and since bureaucracy only has to (minimally) remember itsElf (a client being of course a thing of the past (which is not to claim them as apocryphal, but rather.. whatever ..
an invoice then is that which measures Change. with Precision. that it itself fails to exemplify or participate In what it measures, is of course rather poignant (a Four on the the p p, Poignant Pecuniary index), and coz events excEed their context (the maths the decisionIstas (truth being Orange for Knowledge (see, i told you itd rhyme))), the Subject being a polka dot or Hole in being, a (mastercard) Hypothesis .. and Coz the subject is this Suicide of context, Coz its quasi Quoteable, Coz it only counts when it Moves (or as oedipus says somewhere, rent me your ears ..) and Coz Stuff is both the same And different (in short, is Cash (and as Interest is a Born Again from the suicide of capital .. (Meaning being of course the (penny-on-the-tongue) invention of Scarcity), and as True Value but a metaphor both concrete And transparent ( .. to its Wants, its Impotent Display .. (i mean if you mortgage a joke by the punchline, what can you raise on Doubleentry Bookkeeping, How Much? .. and being as it Is but Congealed Labour, and Epitaphs, Cliches, Names being those parts of speech we take Seriously, Symptoms, of being Right: .. sorry, what was the question?
.. questions date from the early bronze age. which at first blush seems strange as Answers had Long been in evidence (though its also possible that some of this evidence has been corrupted (not least, by being deployed As evidence .. and coz the market is a distributed agreement about equity, what you Own maps exactly what you Owe (though what now with compound interest, who knows), and as grannies invent Culture (i mean what else they gunna do?) and as euros get to be grannies First (surprise surprise (and just when the poor had caught up with the fashion of being kids (i mean have we discussed that sixtyfive percent of the population of iraq was under the age of consent?) and coz Use, or Dimension, is its own Case (i mean if you cant answer yes And no its obviously no real question .. (and as Not is a not-so-closeted Instrumentalist,
truth operates as an algebra without any strict equality, so its States andor Values are Real Objects, indicated here by arrows (an object being perforce a measuring device (and therefore Ideal (Time being the limit condition of, of, of .. a Triangle .. my place the space .. (that it needs a zero element is of course another incredulity, but we’ll let that lie (i mean we have no idea of how thick this zero needs to be .. and as negation is intErior to the set (an object being something that looks like a Real number, so there is then neither Context nor Proofbycontradiction (which is probably not too steep a price to pay (like we do score truth as some sort of Side Effect .. and as an It Is its own shortest description .. a witness then Yes is def an impEdiment, as if its only quantum messy at the Edge, the Possibilityofnegation a quasi Tissue wrap, something like the proposition If .. (agreed as it is that If is not symbolic. (the names though stay the same .. as though it had the option to be tactical. or even Ground (ground being the only part therefore thats truly System Dependent. and coz dimensions can only obviously Agree to representation, we can conceive of the Edge for example as somesort Class Action .. (or Axiom, or .. (the unknown being of course uncanny .. local being a motive for (Translation being the language prior to sanscrit (All descriptions being therefore True)) for, for, Set .. or anyway its Proof, esque ..
so, the more money moves, the More it Is (which is how god invented Compound Interest. Money then is Pure memory, metaphor squared, a rented Proxy (adam smiths Invisible Hand, or what wed call a Wank), with Leverage. on an old style State of Nature. and Theres the rub. money is the metaphor that builds the Past (the story within the story, anyway the one that consequently Rhymes (poverty being the only cop you need) with, with more or less the model of the, the, the Lost Sock .. though lost is not in any way analogous .. to What? (.. and as Coz of course fails to be a Job .. i mean Cash is the early samp of Mass Production .. i mean before we occupy the past, shouldnt we at least ask the dead if they Mind? or at least Fetishise the brIbe? (as if it had the exclusive capacity to be more Than itself, a Headsiwin Tailsyoulose addition to the dialectic. and as a commodity always needs to invent a Market, it manufactures Change (though change is just some failed analogy, a designed dysfunction or misunderstanding Of, the Set, the This the That the Bet ..
i mean its not that i objEct you understand to words, and All words were just Words, Once, anyway til they were repeated and were thereby Understood .. and coz All versions of a second language is always adolEscent, a both moreorless the Same (repetition being the incest that it Is, a form of suicide or being Right (or Suicide (the advantage that we have over a word being its repetition (which is not to say that its a refugee from repetition, that its a Panic, but rather that it gives us Time (to pause, smell the flowers, have a drag .. i mean entertainment is one of the Nicer forms of understanding (though its not only Search is a cognitive capitalist (Two forexample Prides itself on being profit .. isnt this where And came in, the Bank? the Witness, the floating eS? .. so what would it be to be a plEasure principle? and how would it differ from being Known? a Twin? imean, idunno, ask mum
Diagnostics onetwothree (two being the Symptom (i mean its clearly no gift to Rationality (logic being the poor melancholic sacrifice to what you Know (hedge fund songs of definItion)) .. it is however also therefore equally clear that its the Contradictions, paradoxes, Agreements that make sense, the double versions of the Same (the sceptic with her feet in the air .. (jokes but mnemonics, duplicates (of Things (id like to have Said (coz watching someone Think (the banal sort of bloodsport that it is) is still unutterably Big. domestic. somewhere in the Debt Death interface. a rhyme that both defines and cons its Ignorance (i mean youre in strife if you need to use Language as a measure of stability (names being but Classic speculation (though, interestingly, the mad aint Dead (though maybe bored to death (boredom, the aggressive form of being afeared .. )). least i dont Think thats what im saying (No being one of those words translates readily into english (as if it were some type of Cure .. youknow, the subject being parallel to the object andall .. and anyway what was the tactical advantage of inventing numbers (the narcissism the bornagain)? just to give those with too much time on their hands some retail on which to reflEct, some Zero Coupon Bonds or Preferred Stock or Adjustable Rate Participating SubordinatedDebenture fractal PayinKinds? ( .. may All your listeners be so eloquent ..
so, which lie would you like me to tell? im Late beCause? i mean Coz is to Gossip as, as goss is to ToldyouSo, a quasi Dialect (or Research), and coz meaning is a (porno) pun on Stuttering, an awkward (decadent) echo of the beginning of the utterance or economy of explanation, a compensAtion .. fuckin schiz .. i Do ..

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