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By | 1 July 2009

the hard drive a still hum, a natural pilot light
to goad essentialism, wind bringing things out
into the rampant today of an open room. 'mojo'
skulks away misunderstood. a curtly folded media-release
flutter is your orchestra rustle. i'm lacking a train route
& just filling out the questionnaire / assured /
taking on the stakeholder persona, singing the department
store chorus above our heads: this won't be quoted correctly.
but laundry moments like they were before – the room humid
with cooking cotton, air a fractured cold out any such window.
even finding stashed cigarettes & bristling at the illogic,
how it becomes us. summer dresses in winter;
the first thing in the cupboard.

a zombie stare of near to distant past mottles my voice,
irate voice of future negotiations. i can't decide. people
studied your poster & sticky tape while you hid deaf
against lighting structure, the public sculpture,
publicly keen as waxed apples on the table.
charging $5 for audience development
(invoice me).

she thought the spaces suggested only limited things (meaning you were wrong that time). et cetera & for example, the better arrangement brings forth the more user-friendly interface, the more effective transmission of data, & absence won't imply infinite optioning. there is only to be the first assumption / the binary concession of inaction. you'd better prepare for scenarios that are delimited by a false a & b. else i'll sick my dog on you.
& so & so forth.
cluster bomb in the wendys.
the pink t-shirt loop.

you remember x talking about the system of
the longer tract (the apparent necessity) you
remember yourself repeating it (the uncertain
truism) & you remember y grasping it
with not too much enthusiasm. you you
you. how silly it all seems, lines from special-k
commercials in the 80's making a mockery
of your chaos-theory, the snickers wrapper
walking off to mate with a tolkien book.

the path to that lecture hall looks like touching a little puppy.
let it lick real madly & cutely at you. i can hear the
protective way things wrap you up.

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