Ian McBryde

Ian McBryde is.


Ian McBryde's latest collection Domain has been reviewed here by Ali Alizadeh. Read an interview with Ian from our Anti/Heroes issue.

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There is no grip stricter than history. The bare bed, the light turned out too soon. Where the stairs end. A tired nightnurse doing half-hearted rounds past mostly empty cots. Unfillable stillnesses. The absence of hands on us. The vacant …

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Fever Dreams

Canadian-born Ian McBryde has been well-published both in Australia and many countries overseas. His fourth collection of poetry, Equatorial, was published 2001, and he has just released his second CD of spoken-word, entitled The Still Company. His next collection of poetry, Domain will be released by Five Islands Press in 2004.

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The Stuka Movement

Furious birds, functionally ugly, the Stukas wind down out of the sky. As they descend their sirens are rising, pre-set to concert pitch, a deliberate, death decibal A. Lean and bent-winged eagles, they fall on an audience of refugees streaming …

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