Adam Ford: Damn & Be Published (Part 2)

My printer ran out of ink yesterday and wouldn't accept the refilled cartridge as legit. The ink light kept flashing until I spent sixty bucks on a new cartridge. A curse on the head of cartridge manufacturers and retailers. Ink is a valuable commodity, and we salute those who choose to use their ink to put their work out there, somewhere where people will read it.

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Adam Ford: Damn & Be Published (Part 1)

When I go to second-hand bookstores and look through the poetry shelves, it's the books with staples, as opposed to spines, that catch my eye. To me the staple is the mark of the self-publisher, and self-published work, in my mind, is more likely to have that spark, that frisson of passion that really lets you see into the mind of the poet. Here's some reviews of some of the staple-bound gems on offer if you know where to look.

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Gaby Bila-Gunther: It’s not easy being zine

How can one ignore names such as Inter Urban Service, RIP, Anti-Gravity or Lose Ugly Flab By Eating Less? They come inside matchboxes, envelopes, or gently packed in wrapping paper. Some you can't even view without 3D glasses. Some are …

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