Ania Walwicz

Andy Jackson Reviews Solid Air: Australian and New Zealand Spoken Word

Is an anthology greater than the sum of its parts? Does it effectively capture its milieu? Who’s been included, who left out? Is it genuinely of the moment? Will it endure?

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Body of Sound

I’m excited to curate these artists to celebrate the communicative complexities of the body-sonic sphere. In an environment that is increasingly negotiated through algorithmic and predictive technology, this work allows us to re-examine orality.

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‘Eat’ from Horse

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‘Language can multiply itself and form secret and unusual patterns’: Andrew Pascoe Interviews Ania Walwicz

In it, she was putting the manuscript of her new book, Horse: A Psychodramatic Enactment of a Fairytale, into an oven at La Mama – where she had performed a few years’ prior. The book caught alight.

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Horse Preamble

Dear reader. I will tell you a story. This is a story of my life now. Dear reader turn away from these pages…They will only bring grief to me… It will only wound me and hurt me. But I must …

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eaten away with a black hole now. He said that there were migranes caused just by the way the head is held now. When we were children. His father hurt me. Freud hurts me because he tells me and then he forgets me. He tells me and then he forgets me.I tell me and then I forget me.

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Review Short: Ania Walwicz’s The Palace of Culture

Ania Walwicz’s first book in more than twenty years, Palace of Culture, confirms her reputation as one of Australia’s leading conceptual poets. It consists of fifty (almost) prose poems, each between two and five pages length. The poems use the suggestion of narratives as a key organising principle. But suggestion is as far as any of the narratives get.

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Radio Laneways and the Melbourne Sound

It’s a beautiful thing to know what came before. Who walked the laneways ahead of you, smoothed any paths that might have otherwise been jarring, who stood up so you could sit down.

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All Writing Is Pigshit

all writing is pigshit antonin artaud writes that all writing is pigshit une merde de cochon schweinerei schweinhund arschgesicht swinstwo swinia pig like a pig poo poo p that is what it is that is what you read yes they …

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Ukulele Ekphrasis: Prudence Flint and Ania Walicz

I play the ukulele now play me what is this why do I do this lawyer tells me next door man plays ukulele now and I hate ukulele what is it why paint now why write me what is going on should I do this should I do me what is what am what am I doing now what is this silly billy billy bunter now eat a pie throw me what is going on said pompous mouse in house that will do me they fight for best better mister turkey they gobble wobble said poetry I can’t stand me

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Enter Cordite Scholarly

Cordite Scholarly is a new section of Cordite Poetry Review devoted to peer-reviewed research on Australian and international poetry and poetics. Essays published in Cordite Scholarly are reviewed by at least two members of Cordite’s Academic Advisory Board (or see …

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But Is it Poetry?

In this special feature, Emilie Zoey Baker presents the strange and wonderful aural texture that is sound poetry. Sound poetry highlights the phonetic aspects of human speech: it is poetry that has gone way beyond words, beyond the mathematics of …

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