All Writing Is Pigshit

By | 28 February 2013
all writing is pigshit antonin artaud writes that all writing is pigshit une merde de cochon schweinerei schweinhund arschgesicht swinstwo swinia pig like a pig poo poo p that is what it is that is what you read yes they agree they like it to agree a lift that will give you lift i don’t need a porca pig what i won’t eat and don’t eat stinky pig my town two crowns and two pigs they squeal they squeal and i kill i kill antonin artaud writes “all writing is pigshit” “People that leave the obscure and try to define whatever goes on in their heads , are pigs”…..” all those for whom words have a meaning” the steady world steady ready world they lecture me it the idiot professor says here “those who still believe in terms” the idiot professor writes to me wants to meet me all by myself my intentions are entirely honourable the idiot professor love me invites me writes about me say i am a star now and flattter me i flutter i write i poo poo and pee pee regress the lead of army i train me i do it to love they all love me the idiot professor ambassador wants to meet me and greet me i am famous i love me i am happy the head master congratulate me i write poems the mayor of st.kilda gives prize teacher love me they say excell o and then they change mind me idiot professor loves me he loves me all time loves me then he hates me he leaves me he won’t tell me he refuse me he dump he won’t answer jects me he bandon me he doesn’t he talks about me bad he wont have me he wounds me he hurts me he kills me he murders me i stop work i don’t say word a i forget me i hide me he invites me and invites me then he dies on me he dies and doesn’t tell me i wait and await me antonin artaud writes “no works of art, no language, no word, no thought, nothing” i lie here bed i eat sleep i won’t write me or say me no no no i block me and lock me i just teach and teach expository language of common ground i act dumb, i hide me i dumb me i pretend to be not me not me at all the piano teacher says why don’t you play i pretend not to do and not me nor you or anybody they are nasty they say bad things they sign me up they bust and bang they will not say or they do do not tell me or not send me or not ask me they steal me and use me nasty nasty nasty i’m not very good i in stay touch he sends and then i just forget me i hurt me i hate me i hate this sad to me she writes a high school teacher i am who i am not i stop me school girl says ania my story not any they so ask me but i say no no no to me i shut me i kill me in hotel ibis i dead antonin artaud in mairie d’ivry here ” whole literary scene is a pig pen” they like easy they wab wab want easy peasy they cook here they eat me they ate me they kill me they end me bit but but i comer back again now vanka vstanka i jump up now rumplestiltskin i tear me in half and tear me and i i glue me tight they operate eye they stick me stick girl here they rescue me i pull me i tight me i scare me and i come back here here i go again i they put me wher they shut me but i come out box jacknow i get outta prison i bounce back toy back again like bounce ball now and i’m here antonin i look he marie d’ivry i come again and i say here i say here pip pip pip and pip antonin artaud says here” you bear-asses, you pertinent pigs, you masters of fake verbiage, confectioners of portraits, ground- floor lace curtain herb collectors, plague of my tongue”, ” i will be understood by people who will do what you do here” and i do i do i know and i know how to pig here how to pif and pig how to make a word that us under skin how to get in and get in you arsehole of a bung hole i swear irena kowara said i sweaand i swear julia writes now that langue at a back that words smack when words hurt when words are things now and can’t say but i can now pig city dark city of pigs now that i am gain again fat city in dirty pig now back to pig city of pig in mud happy as pig now happy they said how intelligent i am i am back to back now in dark with antonin artaud that said


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