Ukulele Ekphrasis: Prudence Flint and Ania Walicz

By and | 20 September 2012
Bird Park

Bird Park 2011

Bird Park 2011 | Prudence Flint | Oil on linen | 127cm x102cm

I don’t know what happens I what happened like that I ring her and ring her but she won’t ring me or ring me back or ring me or bark me or answer me why do you do this to me why do you do this to me I said to meet and greet but she won’t do me must have been some thing I said to me must have been what I said or how I said or what I said to her I so liked coming round and sit a kitchen bit messy mouldy but I was nice and chatty wetty and betty do me and mumsy but it was nice to me and class classy and I said can I come over now and now she won’t do me why not do me and why not invite me and anwser me when I ring me and answer me and buy me and take me and love me and like me and be like before now we were such friends she wears check trousers now she wears me out I don’t think about you now and I think about me and I think about you every every every why you do me like that now why not why not ever ever ever ever why never why never more raven why that why not why no edgar allen poe why no why bird why miss bird why not now why friend and then no more I don’t understand now why did you do this to me why not now exo eplain now ox and oxo and oxo and lexo lux luxo like so like so and so and so you so and so I swear now she said I swearand I swore to be true to me tell me what happens top me tell me what happened now tell me how you saw me tell me what she thought about me what did you think about how did you see me how did I sound what did I say what you think about please explain me now what t what happened to me and me what happened to you now tell me why didn’t you see me or wanted to or not wanted to I rang and rang now and she didn’t she didn ‘ answer me I didn’t answer I didn’t say now I didn’t know how or where or who to tell me me and I didn’t know now for I was blind and I was so blind that I didn’t see what you did to me now I am angry you hurt me you cut me

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