Body of Sound

By | 1 February 2019

Martina Copley | Drawing for unworded onscreen sound poem, 2018 | paper, graphite, ink | 29.7 x 42cm

I’m excited to curate these artists to celebrate the communicative complexities of the body-sonic sphere. In an environment that is increasingly negotiated through algorithmic and predictive technology, this work allows us to re-examine orality.

Alessandro Bosetti: Plane / Talea #39
Carolyn Connors: untitled
Catherine Clover: Birds of New York series
Jacob Kirkegaard: Stereocilia for 2 Ears of 1 Person
Joel Stern: Twin Murmurings
Martina Copley: Unworded sound poem
Ania Walwicz: ‘Eat’ from Horse
A J Carruthers: Consonata

From involuntary sounds and inner voices to deconstructed words and letters. There are translations of avifauna and vocalisations reflecting space, all of which give rise to insightful contemplation and the wondrous possibilities of connection.

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