By | 1 December 2022
Let Liboteur do the work of Prophet who is NOT ACCEPTED YET.
Let Huitzilopochti Gerzil Rongo Set Hachiman Inanna almighty Indra Junda Jiutian Xuannü Nemain Laran & the Kydoimos Neit Idis Ullr Jarovit Sekhmet & Ogoun & Resheph & Enyo REJOICE with Roberto the Clown who would U believe VERTICALLY REGISTERED ZERO more on it later.
Let Nicholas Pounder the PRINTERPŔETER rejoice in the Spirit of his ways with Blake Hokusai Hogarth who legislate shape.
Let Nick Whittock & (Bk 1) Cathy Vidler VISUALISE the Quantum Universe & Wicket Pitch SPATIALLY INTUIT spontaneously exercising caution O, o.
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