Yasmin Heisler

Yasmin Heisler

About Yasmin Heisler

Yasmin Heisler is a Melbourne based artist completing her Masters in Visual Art at the Victorian College of the Arts in 1999. She has exhibited interstate and overseas using a range of mediums including photography, video, sound and text. Recently her text work has appeared in Rabbit, Cordite and VLAK 5.

Signs from Asemia: Yasmin Heisler Reviews asemic 15

I was at a tram stop recently when a woman walked past wearing a black dress. There were short white threads sewn onto the material. Each thread was stitched leaving the ends to dangle. These dangling ends reacted to her movement and the gusts of wind, forming individual character-like shapes. I found myself mesmerised, particularly because I had been asked to write this review, and was contemplating the meaning of asemic.

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