Plane / Talea #39

By | 1 February 2019

For Plane / Talea, I have been using tiny fragments of voices. Many people have donated theirs anonymously. I do not process them; each sound starts and ends with the beginning and end of each utterance. What I do, and what the Plane / Talea system does, is just recomposing, recombining. Each one of these tiny sparks of voice has its own identity, its unique imperfections. I like to think of it as a living being. Now think about if every utterance leaving your mouth would become an autonomous being leading its own existence apart from you. 

What is somehow special regarding Plane / Talea #39 is that several of these utterances carry some spacial information in them, as if the space where they have been recorded has collapsed towards the inside of the sound. This is unusual in the Plane / Talea series as most of the instalments are abstracted from space and location. In this case, as you will hear in the first section, each of the SA phonemes carries in itself a reflection of the room and space like a sphere reflecting surroundings in fish eye mode. In a way, this is the dream of an impossible choir or, in other words, the dream of a community of voices that does not yet exist.

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