Suburban murmurs / A quiet word

By | 1 February 2019

we slip on the words that have fallen
quiet words
are you coming home?

eaten by dust mites
caught in hairs around the sink
tap dripping words
I don’t know how to change a washer

his fingers fat pencil stubs
nails ridged like corrugated Perspex
these are not words that want
to be shouted
what did I do wrong?

they stick to teeth and
hurt to chew on
best swallowed with a stiff something
words that tap on the window
at night
do you feel safe alone in there?

sleep with lights on
sleep with eyes open
sleep with mouth closed
doesn’t matter they keep slipping out

who will look after us
when we are old

words you are ashamed of
the quiet words you want
to go unnoticed
talk instead about things
shiny things

I deserve a new toaster
these stilettos are on special
honey blonde suits my face

in the mean time
the quiet words wait
one day they fall from your mouth unexpected
tumble like baby teeth
and it won’t hurt
as much as you think

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