Emilie Collyer

Emilie Collyer lives in West Footscray, on Wurundjeri country, where she writes plays, poetry and prose. Her writing has appeared in Overland, The Lifted Brow and Aurealis, among others. She has two collections of short fiction published with Clan Destine Press. Recent award-winning plays include Dream Home and The Good Girl which premiered in New York in 2016.

With the fishes

The Terracotta Warriors are visiting Melbourne. China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang had them made as Guardians of Immortality, part of his quest to cheat death and become a god. Queues to see the Warriors snake out of the gallery, …

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Suburban murmurs / A quiet word

we slip on the words that have fallen quiet words are you coming home? eaten by dust mites caught in hairs around the sink tap dripping words I don’t know how to change a washer his fingers fat pencil stubs …

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Not the End

You had red hands put too much salt on food hugged with tight arms boomed Bach from downstairs shouted at me for sleeping in drove the car off the road lied about how much you drank made ginger beer that …

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I do want it

[audio:|titles=I do want it – Emilie Collyer & Tim Redmond] I do want it (4:59) Written and produced by Emilie Collyer and Tim Redmond

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