By | 28 February 2013

in the latticed night, reader, i e-mailed him
adventure spreading all over the screen
like a cocktail of mexican fragrances
these weren’t virgin portals he knocked on

in search of adventure all over the screen
my swarthy lover needed no coaxing
mine wasn’t the first laptop he’d seen
tequila, bouquets, a house of applause

this grifter didn’t need snake oil
and i, dear reader, was greedy for buttering
quick silver bouquets, a house of applause
i padded my bed with his foreign body

my latino lover was greedy for pleasure,
my wallet was empty; ready to jelly-roll
i feathered my bed with his corpulent body
rivers of gold he’d swap for my honey

his wallet was crammed, he was ready to roll
in a morphic haze of mexican gold
won by swindling; reader, i swapped
facebook & pj’s for a night with a con

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