By | 1 May 2019
This incredible guy, Jay Gatsby, the best, has a friend from Goldman Sachs, another truly great guy, Mr Wolfshiem. Wolfshiem wears the best cufflinks. Human teeth. Everybody looks at them, honestly, everybody. I described them to Ivanka for her accessory line. I promised Flynn, ex-National Security guy, a pair. Golden handshake. Not bad after twenty-four days on the job. I gave Sean Spicer a pair when he quit. The Mooch got his. I even promised Putin a pair but sh-h-h-h, very hush hush, okay? Everyone will want these cufflinks! So I said to Ivanka, she’s a great great gal, isn’t she? Very, very important to me. So said to her, a little business gonnegation. Get the molars anywhere you can. The real deal, right? Don’t let anyone use whitener on them. I will say this, I have great, great sources. I really do.
after F Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

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