Julie Chevalier

Julie Chevalier lives in Sydney. She enjoys helping asylum seekers find jobs. She is completing her second collection of short fiction and third collection of poetry.


This incredible guy, Jay Gatsby, the best, has a friend from Goldman Sachs, another truly great guy, Mr Wolfshiem. Wolfshiem wears the best cufflinks. Human teeth. Everybody looks at them, honestly, everybody. I described them to Ivanka for her accessory …

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Big elephant swings his trunk as he promenades along Bondi boardwalk–stripy suspenders holding up his pinstripe shorts, his matching bullseye earmuffs. Little elephant swings his trunk as he promenades– shorts, suspenders, bullseye earmuffs. Big orders a single scoop pistachio in …

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more work needed to make a dadaist poem

with apologies to Tristan Tzara take newspaper & scissors you’re on your way up the purple mountain sometimes you have to cheat choose an article the length of your intended you know how it is by mistake you sit in …

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aries desperadoes will welcome a dalliance with a short dark macchiato someone from your fatigued, not to mention jittery, past reappears promote personal relationships by returning glances & loans you know it’s about more than a borrowed book & feigned …

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after Jubilate Agno by Christopher Smart I testify I was one of only four women going in quest of food by teaching in the boys high school. Consider this: in my first class dwelt thirteen Geoffreys, Jeoffrys or Jeffreys, nine …

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small wondrous emails

roman numeral congratulations     your latest called bodoni     groovier than helvetica or palatino     i can’t wait for a peek at the cover     could you mention my role in the conception     contributors has a z     that prize gossip     i’ll give it 2 u f2f     i wanted to buy wine but …

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in the latticed night, reader, i e-mailed him adventure spreading all over the screen like a cocktail of mexican fragrances these weren’t virgin portals he knocked on in search of adventure all over the screen my swarthy lover needed no …

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