By | 1 May 2015

desperadoes will welcome a dalliance with a short dark
macchiato someone from your fatigued,
not to mention jittery, past reappears
promote personal relationships by returning
glances & loans you know it’s about more
than a borrowed book & feigned interest
in his pet axolotl bonsai little annabella

after rain, seek guidance from worms
inhale their fragrance pluck perfumed
sample cards from david jones’ garden.
your partner/lover/boss suffers from an eclipse
of the senses have you used the word gifting?
or said, i gifted them? a significant
someone may have taken offense at the abuse
of a noun repeat, perfume is the perfect present

on the equinox your suspicions will be confirmed
at noon avoid obsessing about things you can’t change
like shade diagrams recharge your batteries
solar resources surge into a surfeit
by the summer equinox meanwhile what you save
on sunscreen spend on champagne–coloured lingerie

these short days beware of discounted plunder
& maxed plastic smart crabs head for sunny noosa
to avoid the sales checking windshield wipers,
tyre pressure, oil & water–
or getting someone else to do it for you–
will bring unexpected & consummate mileage

beware of bosses & bossiness—
playing the chemistry scales
is its own accompaniment.
weigh up human factors
lay in garlic & sprigs of rosemary
the lion may lie down with the lamb

your heart says try circumnavigation
your head says tarry with ways to land
a new job one that pays a new psychic
season rolls around like a randy ginger cat
cool you purrs off the cat, researches positions
at academies of the paranormal

the azaleas and hyundais come and go
no time for a toy boy or a gigilo
young venus creeps into old mars’ pocket
accept nothing less than the real deal
this may be the time to purchase a car

easy going november lizard with blue tongue seeks
victa mower for transporting relationship
begin flossing now embrace neptune
possible alignment of salty kisses by christmas

droopy executive socks stunting your love career?
a celestial gridlock provides an opportunity
to hitch your hosiery wagon to romance
drop in at the new south wales art gallery
conversation socks for inarticulate lovers

everyone is needy but you needn’t spend another
christmas lounging at home with twinkie
or travelling with your long term companion,
the pacific highway pick up your mobile
punch in the number of that one-armed
bootmaker fall hell for leather under one another

stuck in a relationship with pre-folded corners?
not sure if you want to be tempted at tempe or
access remote ordering & payment services?
not sure if you are ready for nymph / elf shaped pasta
or if you should stick with comfy rustproof aluminium?
achieve a look you’ll love you have an irresistible offer
don’t indulge in flat-pack ambivalence

italicised words in ‘Pisces’ from Ikea website, 15.11.14

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