By | 1 May 2015

In the stickiness of the plastic rush
Jeff calls to Steve as the wife tapers
away to Target, Steve looking like an
apple in the stickiness of the plastic
rush rises to curb the wizard, Steve
is related to Mel Gibson by default,
he claims to be the third-cousin of
Mel’s ex-wife, Jeff nods like a rehab
patient whenever Steve begins like
rain around the ears. Unique as a
Saab comes Neil through the door,
he has a severe light & retires into
the magazine gloss, he likes Kanye
West’ philosophy & the sound that
metal makes in the sun. Nathan is
bristling up & ready for trimming,
he nods like a dashboard figurine
Nathan indulges in weather talk &
the minor colours of sunsets, he is
in the chair describing blue to Jeff,
Eddie is waiting for a text with one
foot hooked upon his knee reading
his selfies, Eddie has a fear of ceiling
fans & low quality Broadband areas,
with an inevitable film over his eyes
Eddie rises & Steve mingles outside
with a temporary gleam, Jeff stands
below the radio just for a moment
not to hear.

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