Matthew Jenkins

Matthew Jenkins is a Sydney based poet. His work has appeared in a handful of dedicated Australian journals and magazines.

O.J Chase

Together we buffer out on Willow Rd brushing the gated residence. There is a massive wasp on Ian’s neck & it makes Steve remember how he forgot to cc Ash in on the hilarious picture of Willis colliding with a …

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Market Value

Robust growls epic among the tended roses of no.5 Florence Ave, columns of Athene rising from the stupor. A heavy classic. Worship via Siri via Kabbalah? Clutching at plurals & paystubs. GOD? All the insufficient funds I tried to hide …

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people know people but don’t see people or want to speak to people except emails people see people in shopping centres and don’t know them on the mobile some ppl look like the flu people staring at the wall for …

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In the stickiness of the plastic rush Jeff calls to Steve as the wife tapers away to Target, Steve looking like an apple in the stickiness of the plastic rush rises to curb the wizard, Steve is related to Mel …

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Car Pool

Tyre pressures at 35psi & we’re screaming Joe’s got that teargas cologne drenched on like a bachelor, Michael’s rules for radio are no drums, he gets mad, calling shotgun each Stop. Michael never passes the air-con to us he hates …

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