By | 1 May 2017

Big elephant swings his trunk as he promenades along Bondi boardwalk–stripy suspenders holding up his pinstripe shorts, his matching bullseye earmuffs. Little elephant swings his trunk as he promenades– shorts, suspenders, bullseye earmuffs. Big orders a single scoop pistachio in a sugar cone at the best gelato shop at the beach. Little winks as he tells the tanned vendor, ditto, ditto, ditto.
          Big and Little fly Business Class. Big money. In Venice, Big asks, di, dei, dello or dell’? Little asks, della, dei or degli? Agreement is important, says Big. I agree with you, says Little. The gleaming gondola has red plush seats and the vase of artificial roses. Big orders pistachio at the best gelato shop in Venice. Little orders a triple choc chip mint. They gaze at each other’s cups.
          Back at Bondi, Big buys a red tee-shirt like Little’s. Little buys an orange tee. Big buys a beach umbrella, with pizza-shaped wedges: red, orange, red, orange. Little joins the best gym in Bondi. Hang on, roars Big.


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