Emilie Zoey Baker


ROBIN WRIGHT! Your blonde helmet shines like a Greek god’s whip. I want to join your army of whatever. I want to wear that military figure-hugging dress with just a hint of brocade. Little buttons and hooks wink like a …

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Notes from the NT: EZB on WordStorm 2012

Coming from Melbourne, the best thing about arriving in Darwin was seeing that ol’ stranger, the Sun, shining in the sky like a big yellow present to me. I spent the first three hours rolling on the grass like a …

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Comings, Goings and GUNCOTTON

There is only one appropriate way to begin my first news post as Managing Editor of Cordite – that being to extend, then extend further, then possibly dislocating my e-arm in extending further still, a massive thank you (for all …

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Reason To Believe

[audio:http://cordite.org.au/audio/10 Reason To Believe.mp3|titles=Reason To Believe – Emilie Zoey Baker] Reason To Believe (3:23) Written and produced by Emilie Zoey Baker

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The Vegetarian Zombie

he attacks crispers, drinking the black juice from dead fridges.

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But Is it Poetry?

In this special feature, Emilie Zoey Baker presents the strange and wonderful aural texture that is sound poetry. Sound poetry highlights the phonetic aspects of human speech: it is poetry that has gone way beyond words, beyond the mathematics of …

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Pop Crush (stickypink remix)

Britney Spears meets Sylvia Plath…you do the math. Emilie Zoey Baker has been performing poetry for over 10 years and is the winner of the 2002 erotic slammaster championships. She started by reciting crazy stuff to the wind then found a microphone and an audience. She is the co-producer of The 2003 Spoken word and music CD compilation called ‘You Talkin To Me?’

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Bling Fling Thing

[audio:http://cordite.org.au/audio/ezb_bling.mp3] Emilie Zoey Baker Bling Fling Thing It’s booty time, with our unofficial Glitter Queen, Emilie Zoey Baker, strutting her tuff words audibly in mp3 format. Recorded by our former audiovisual editor, Sean M Whelan, this track will soon have …

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David Prater Interviews Emilie Zoey Baker

“You Talkin' To Me?” is a brand new CD compilation of Melbourne's spoken word talent, featuring the likes of Ed Burger, Sean M Whelan, Edwina Preston, Terry Jaensch, Dorothy Porter and Phil Norton. It's Emilie Zoey Baker's baby, but she …

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