Adrian Wiggins

The Sydney Launch of Harkin, Gibson, Loney and Hawke

OBJECT: Australian Design Centre, Thursday 25 June, 2015 I’m pleased to say that I was at the launch of the very first issue of Cordite Poetry Review, way back in 1997. Good heavens, is that eighteen years ago? The journal …

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Cordite Ave vs. Electric Ave

I rediscovered these images from the Cordite vault this morning. Real photographs printed on photo paper. These were taken by David Prater in the final gasps of the 1990s I believe. Although the Cordite Ave (as threaded through Melbourne’s outer …

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At the Darling Harbour Convention Centre

At the conference lunch the industry chatterboxes turn a gavotte, then prop and scythe about the buffet loading up pot roast, pumpkin salad, rendang. Says the keynote speaker bignoting counterflow down the queue: “Hey I’m on the Be More Biodynamic …

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Comings, Goings and GUNCOTTON

There is only one appropriate way to begin my first news post as Managing Editor of Cordite – that being to extend, then extend further, then possibly dislocating my e-arm in extending further still, a massive thank you (for all …

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Blinkie ‘Bill’ O’Malley: The fête

“When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate.” – Carl Jung   Let me start by saying you are unstable. Eight deaths in eight days. At the home you thought you’d send your mum to. …

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Blinky ‘Bill’ O’Malley: F#!* Yeah

“And man shall be just that for the overman: 
 a laughing-stock or a painful embarrassment…” 
 — Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra   At the outset, let me just say this: this poem has Tourette’s — it wanted to be …

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Blinky ‘Bill’ O’Malley: Dithyrambs of Dennis

If I had any ambition I’d make you a bouillabaisse in the Provençal in St Marks Square. To create intimacy in the poem, I turn up the volume & this piece conforms to an emergent post-OMGWTFBBQ cast in acrylic in …

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Blinky ‘Bill O’Malley: Arts & Crafts

“… you can’t have art without resistance in the material.” — William Morris   Ah, don’t feel guilty about the GM soy in the baby formula— those activists are arsehats & breastfeeding zealots & it’s unpiloted drones dropping in on …

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Blinky ‘Bill O’Malley: Love Story Metabolites

Dear Nuala, oh noes, you’ve left your starting-a-new-life job in the bait’n’ice for that no-hoping armed & dangerous escapee again!?  It’ll just lead to headlines:   Fantasist poses as playboy &   Headless body in topless bar   you & …

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When I met you in the hall

When I met you in the hall you were all inclement weather on a stony coast and you held my hand as though we were more than we could be: preppy kids in a pop-song duet retrofitting dignifying deniable half-truths …

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Adrian Wiggins: After The Party

About the face she's photovoltaic. “There's marriage to make men lecherous,” she says, “I see it all the time in characters like you.” Still, a casual mention of the yacht by Lion Island sends her into a lather. She's dramatic; …

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Flannery O’Malley: Bitter William

Flannery O'Malley was born in 1971 in a slab hut near Sassafras in the Turpentine Range. He attended the local school at Nerriga, but left at 15 after getting a job with a ride operator at the Braidwood Show. He then toured the state working at all the big shows — Bathurst, Dubbo, Cobar. He was killed tragically last year when a hydraulic ram failed on the Crazy Mouse Spinning Coaster at the Mudgee Show. This poem was found in his papers.

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